SALİHOĞULLARI Machine Established in Karaman New Industrial Site in 2000, it is one of the leading companies in the machinery and automation sector. Our company was established to produce machines for the food sector. Our production includes Biscuit Facility, Chocolate, Wafer Facility. Our company has provided services to its customers by making many machines and equipments in the country, and customer satisfaction has been kept on the front plate. Our company provides its spare parts and service needs for the needs of our customers with its specialist staff. SALİHOGULLARI MAKİNE which is one of the leading companies of the automation industry, has been specialized in every field since its establishment, not only being the best in our country but also being the leader with its scientific quality and quality of services presented in international arena, and automation organization. Following the continuous technological developments, it has always adopted the principle of providing the best service to you. It is always a solution partner of its customers with its special solutions and dedication.


We have a very important position in this sector, where automation and information sharing around the world have changed and safety has been very important and our aim has been to help people to safely renew their technology. Our company has started to work for globalization with its employees who believed that capital movements among countries and technological development are rapidly increasing and releasing their own name and, of course, the mission of spreading the name of our country to the world in the best way. Providing uninterrupted service before and after sales, customer service department and customers are provided with ISO 9001-2000, CE, CE, and CE services to provide customers with products that are suitable for them and to help them to make sales, and to stay with customers in installation and service phases with technical service department. and it is being constantly renewed under the scope of TSE. Our current quality of our products produced in world standards is protected as well as being developed by our R & D team. To provide advantages to customers with attractive and affordable prices.


To provide open, honest, reliable service and consultancy services without sacrificing scientific principles. To become a pioneering, international reference center for scientific research and new automation applications. To provide an example of a management and operating system that provides continual improvement and renewal by using continuous training, measurement and improvement methods. Our Quality Policy Our Quality Management System is based on ISO standards internationally. To create an understanding of service focused on "Satisfaction of our customers and employees", To establish a model management and operation system by using continuous measurement and improvement mechanisms, To become an academic institution leading in scientific researches and new applications, To provide automation and technological services at reasonable prices To educate and develop ourselves constantly.